New Hope School is committed to being generous with our time and talents. We serve our students’ families and our community in many ways that we do not charge for.

Generous supporters like you have enabled us to do the following:

  • Conduct seminars and classes for parents
  • Translate curriculum into Japanese and donate it to schools and churches
  • Serve in churches
  • Serve on the board of directors for another school
  • Train teachers from other schools
  • Host and train interns
  • Offer tuition assistance to families in need
  • Teach in another school that needs help
  • Enhance our library

We want to keep doing these things, and we want to do more!

Please consider supporting New Hope School financially. Your donation will not be tax deductible, but we can issue a receipt. One-time and monthly donations are appreciated.

Donate to the following account or contact us for more options:

Mizuho Bank, Narimasu Branch, Futsuu Account, Account Number 1066976, ニューホープコミュニティー (New Hope Community in katakana)