We believefather and son

  • That young children have vast moral, intellectual, spiritual, social and physical capacities which can and should be nurtured.
  • That the love of God shown through the teachings of the Bible and the examples of good role models is the best way to nurture young ones.
  • That each child has unique gifts and interests that should be encouraged.
  • That exposure to foreign language and culture at a young age will serve people throughout their lives.
  • That an environment of joy and excellence (not perfection!) in early childhood will foster a lifestyle of joy and excellence as children grow up.

Our graduates will

  • Be equipped with kind hearts, friendly personalities, sharp minds, high self-esteem, a keen sense of right and wrong, and healthy bodies.
  • Understand the basics of Christian life including the love of God, stories from the Bible, and how to pray.
  • Have a growing sense of their uniqueness: what makes them special, and what they can offer to their community.
  • Be able to speak and understand English, and be respectful of and comfortable with cultures other than their own.
  • Have a strong attitude of joy and excellence that will benefit them all through their lives.

Our Methods

  • To help children develop socially and individually we do activities in large groups, small groups, and individually, giving students choices within reasonable limits.
  • We teach holistically, combining academic disciplines and approaches that are too often taught in isolation.
  • We welcome parental involvement in and out of the class. It is important for school life and home life to reinforce each other, so we maintain strong ties through letters, meetings, open classes, special events, and opportunities for parents to participate in our everyday activities.
  • Our commitment to students goes beyond their preschool years. We offer after-school, spring and summer activities so we can serve our students even after they have graduated from our school.  We also help graduates choose and apply to elementary school.  

Our Curriculum


  • The basis for our curriculum is A Biblical Foundation for Early Childhood Education, published by University of the Nations. This curriculum is being used successfully in dozens of preschools around the world.
  • We prepare a “learning environment” and give our students time each day to choose and do activities that help them develop skills in practical life, language, movement, math, and culture.
  • We respect the languages that are spoken in students’ homes and emphasize English as the main language of our school.