New Hope GraduateMy name is [...]. I graduated New Hope Preschool in 2012. And after graduating, I actually went to New Hope Elementary School for 1 year. I really didn't want to graduate preschool. And my friends were like my brothers and sisters, and teachers were like my parents.

At the time I was in preschool, I could already write at least my name and the letters "A," "B," and "C." And I think that's because our teachers were very nice and also taught a lot but they never pushed anyone to study English so hard.

At class, we had park time, Bible time, and we did art. We also studied English as well. After class, some of us played at the park across the street. That park is a very fun place. And I normally went to the forest and played there with my friends. We made a house with branches! The park was a paradise for me.

I'm glad that I graduated from New Hope. Thanks to all the teachers in preschool and thank God for everything. I'm proud that I was a student at New Hope.